Anonymous: I'm waiting for the day you delete your blog. That way I know that you made it and have to shut down social media.

This is so sad yet touching at the same time….. :’)

Anonymous: if you are auditioning, please don't go for small companies... some campaniles i may suggest are: Loen ent., pledis ent., woolim ent., FNC music, mystic 89(??? company of lim kim & eddy kim ???), antenna music, cube ent., C-JeS Ent. and big hit ent. DO NOT GO FOR SMALL COMPANIES, TRUST ME. THE ONES I MENTIONED ARE MEDIUM GOOD COMPANIES. But i hope you would try for jyp or sm. but if not go for the first ones i mentioned. please save yourself. hope you will be successful and good luck! :=) <3

By small companies I meant medium companies that have found success in the business haha but my cousin and I were looking for those without any girl groups yet! We have a couple in mind so no worries ^^ thanks for your concern hahah

Anonymous: "Distant relative" that's really distant though, if you base yourself on your last name and clans.

No actually we’re pretty close.. Songs are rare in Korea and even the clans are divided into smaller divisions. Those people I mentioned and I share the smallest form of division

Anonymous: Not to be rude but are you saying they are your distant cousins because of your last name? And how are you 20 in korean age when you are 18? Youre suppose to be 19 lol

No they actually are my distant relatives lol if I was going by last names I would list Song Joongki hahha. And like I said, I’m 20 in Korea and 18 in the States because I have a late birthday and haven’t turned 19 yet this year

Anonymous: But you said youre eighteen, so shouldnt you be nineteen then

Nope I’m 18 in America because I have a late birthday

Was it hard?” I ask.

Letting go?

Not as hard as holding on to something that wasn’t real.

― Lisa Schroeder (via purplebuddhaproject)
Anonymous: When are you planning to audition ?

whenever I take a nice profile shot lol